Monitoring Production Scrap Levels with Power BI


This company is dedicated to building foam mattresses had for many years been using Excel to track their productivity and in particular monitoring their scrap.

It would take days to gather the data and analyze it in order to determine if scrap levels where too high for a production run. This lag in analyzing the data caused problems when users tried to go back to the production line and determine the cause of the larger than normal scrap level.

Much of the data was collected by asking employees on the production line to enter data using Excel, than copying the data into other spreadsheets for analysis. This method caused problems with data consistency, since Excel did not have the business rules or logic to determine if the data entered was correct.

How we helped our customer “Discover the power of your data!” ™

By using SQL Server, Access and Power BI, IT Impact created a real time measurement solution of scrap and efficiency by plant, production, machine, shift, material type and product. Users are now able to query the SQL Server database and determine short and long term trends of the scrap levels.

Management can monitor and investigate scrap issues within a day as opposed to a week later, while the run is still fresh on the production line employee’s mind.

Our solution will now save them hours of work!

User clicks on a week to view that week’s stats

User clicks on a building to view that building’s scrap

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